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  About Dr. Asencio:

  Welcome! My name is T'Pring Asencio, N.D., and I am a Traditional Naturopath. I was born in South Korea, and raised mostly in North Carolina.

 I became a Naturopathic Doctor in 2012 when I graduated with honors from Sandy Hill Institute of Naturopathy.

   I gained Board Certification as a Traditional Naturopath thru the NYSAMB in July 2012. Everyone has a calling in life and every since I was a little girl I wanted to become a doctor and in 2012 my dream became a reality!

  I currently reside in North Carolina which is a state that does not license Naturopathic Doctors, and in my spare time I like to go to the beach, watch live baseball games, play with my babies, and shop.

  About my practice


  Sunflower Wellness is a General Naturopathic Practice the only thing that makes us different from any other Traditional Naturopathic practice is that we are a Virtual Naturopathic Office and are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

 I offer a 24 hour 7 days a week Doctor's Direct Line, as well as online appointments. 


 If you are located in the Fayetteville NC area, and surronding areas I am mobile and you may call me direct to schedule an appointment.

   I am currently accepting patients from anywhere in the world! NO matter the timezone! 


 If you wish to contact me directly via the Doctor's Direct Line please be advised that this service is only available to patients living in the United States, and Canada.


  If you are not located in the United States or Canada you are limited to only scheduling an online appointment. 


  I also offer a Wellness Store alongside my practice. My Wellness Store is available to anyone, you do not have to be a patient to shop at the Wellness Store. All supplements are developed, and formulated by me, and are 100% all natural, no fillers, and veggie caps.


 Why see a Naturopathic Doctor? 


 Because I will help you get to the root cause of your ailment.
If we can find the source of the pain and work with reducing it, and gradually eliminating it, then your symptoms tend to take care of themselves.

You do not always need prescription drugs! Consider the natural medicines that have helped our bodies since the beginning of time.

 Why are you open 24 hours a day 7 days a week?


  I have patients all over the world in different time zones, and I am dedicated to my patients and I do not care how far you are from me, I am going to treat you as if you were residing in the same town as me.  When it is midnight here it's lunchtime somewhere else, and if my patient is not feeling good I would want them to get a hold of me no matter what time it is!

  I know what is like not to feel good and need to speak to a Doctor at once! If your condition is not life threatening I am here for you!

     There is a limited amount of Traditional Naturopaths out there and many people may not have one in their country. This is one of the many reasons why I wanted to open up a Virtual Naturopathic Office. So I could help people all over the world whom may not have access to a Naturopathic Doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Please be advised that I am NOT a Medical Doctor, nor do I claim to be! I can not and WILL NOT diagnose treat or cure any ailment or disease you may have. Should you have any medical questions these are best addressed to your health care provider.   

 How did I get started?


  I was doing health screenings all over the United States (and I still do :), and loved the fact that I was educating people on how to "naturally" lower their numbers by simple diet, and lifestyle changes, I felt like a Doctor! I enjoyed teaching the clients. So I started looking at different degree programs for my passion. I looked at health coach, wellness coach, etc, and one day I stumbled upon Naturopathy, and it was everything I wanted and more! 


  I enrolled at Sandy Hill Institute of Naturopathy and obtained my Bachelor in Natural Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Healers Touch Practitioner Certification, and finally my Doctor of Naturopathy.


    I do believe that learning never stops! I am always trying to learn new things, ideas, etc. I have taken several CME Courses at Yale, and have taken one CME course at Harvard.    


  As a Traditional Naturopath I am here to teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle, and how simple lifestyle changes can make your numbers go lower. There are many ailments that with certain lifestyle changes you can prevent naturally. 



Services Offered:

 Doctor's Direct Line

  Is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for anyone whom would like to get in contact with Dr. Asencio directly about their ailment and do not wish to schedule an online appointment.


                           Rates are $2.50 per minute


Please call 1-888-693-8438 ext 04725686. Or you may click the "On Call Doctor" tab above for more information. This service is only available to patients that live in the United States or Canada.



 Online appointments are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


     We offer this service because since we are a Virtual Naturopathic Office we have patients from all around the world and this is the best way to ensure that all of our patients can schedule appointments at their leisure and not have to worry about time difference.
  You may schedule your appointment at your leisure by clicking the "online appointments" tab located above. 
  If you are a patient that currently resides outside of the United States and Canada please provide us with your country of residence, and time zone.

 If you are a patient that currently resides inside the United States and Canada please just provide us with your time zone.

  Appointments in Fayetteville, North Carolina  


  If you are located in the Fayetteville area and would like to schedule an appointment you may do so by calling the office at 910-541-1608. Appointments are mobile, and there is a $10.00 mobile fee for appointments in Fayetteville.

  If you are located in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area you will be charged a $20.00 mobile fee. Any other locations please call our office for rates. For all mobile appointments there is a $5.00 non refundable deposit fee to secure your appointment time. 


 Please note that any Lab Tests, or supplements are extra.


 Wellness Store


  In our wellness store you may order any supplements that we have to offer. All of our supplements are developed by Dr. Asencio. Anyone is welcome to order from our Wellness Store, you do not have to be a current patient, and you can live anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the world!



 Formula Development

 Do you have an idea for a herbal supplement, and would like to market it? I am here to help you develop it! I will work alongside with you to research your supplement, and come up with a supplement! The cost for this service is $100.00 and please contact me directly for more information.

Laboratory Testing

  If you are located in the United States we can offer you lab testing. We currently offer the following tests.




Lipid Profile
Allergy Testing

Hormonal Testing

Prices vary, and will discussed during appointment.

 Frequently Asked Questions


 Do you offer any mobile therapies?


We currently offer the following therapies on a mobile basis please call for pricing.



Wellness Screening

Finger Stick to check your Total Cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Your height, weight, BMI, and blood pressure will be checked. You will receive your results within minutes. For best results it is best to fast for this screening.

Sea Salt Therapy

Ideal for Eczema, dry skin


Music Therapy


Do you offer mobile lab draws?

 Yes if you are in our radius. Payment must be rendered at time of lab draw.

 Do you accept Insurance?


 Naturopathic services are not routinely covered by insurance in North Carolina at this time, however if your Health Insurance plan has either a Health Savings Account, or a Flex Spending Plan it may be able to be used for services. Please e mail us prior to scheduling your appointment if you wish to use your Flex Spending Account, or Health Savings Account.


  What countries do you have patients in?


United States





Just to name a few!


 What are some common ailments that a natural approach can help with?






Stomach Pain

Thyroid Health

Blood Pressure Management

Blood Sugar Management

Cholesterol Management


Sexual Health







   If your ailment is not listed have no fear just give me a call, or schedule an appointment. I am here to help you!  I also personally formulate your supplement, or teas for your ailment. We will work together to make the best formula for you and your ailment! I do believe in working with my clients, and listening to your input and concerns about any issues that you may have.

    Naturopathy is such a wonderful thing, and my dream is to share my passion of Natural Health with the whole world, and everyone know who I am. If I make an impact on only one person's life I will be satisfied, and know that I am making a difference in the world!

      My passion is Naturopathy, and teaching, and I am honored to be able to do both.

  Natural medicine has been around longer than anything else, and I only wish that I can draw more people into natural health, and help more and more people feel better naturally.


I look forward in helping you feel better naturally and should you wish to contact me please feel free to email me directly at [email protected].

Legal Disclaimers:

  Sorry everyone, but I have to have this! I would first like to thank you for viewing my site, and selecting me to become your Naturopath! 

  Wellness Store Disclaimer:


 Any product in our wellness store is available for purchase by anyone whom wishes to make a purchase. You do not need to be a patient of ours, and you may live anywhere in the world to make a purchase. If your requesting Naturopathic Services/ appointment(s) and you live in a Licensed State, Province, or place that regulates Naturopathy I can not help you.
  Sunflower Wellness Legal Disclaimer:

  If you are a Patient and you live in a licensed state I can not help you. 

  If you live in either Tennessee or South Carolina I can not help you since Naturopathy is illegal in those states.
  If you are a patient in a licensed province I can not help you.
  If you are in a country that regulates Naturopathy I can not help you.
  If you are looking for a diagnosis I can not help you.


 Should you need immediate assistance please call 9-1-1

  I am NOT a medical doctor nor do I claim to be. I am a Traditional Naturopath I can not and will not diagnose treat or cure any ailment that you may have, any medical questions you may have are best left answered by your healthcare professional.

  You also understand any supplement or tea(s) that are purchased from our Wellness Store on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure any disease, and you shall NOT hold Dr. Asencio, and/ or Sunflower Wellness liable for any injury, damages, illness, and allergic reactions you may incur.

  I, Dr. Asencio am here for a natural approach to your ailment and to help you find out the root causes of your ailment. 
  If you agree to my conditions and wish to use my services you shall not hold me responsible for any injury, illness, accidents, or allergic reactions that you may incur. Thank You for your understanding, and support. Should you have any questions please contact me at:

[email protected]

Thank You!